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At this point, Kenny Barnwell can make the 10-hour drive with his eyes closed. It starts in Edneyville, NC, where pretty much all his journeys have begun. Now 64, Barnwell prides himself as a lifelong resident of the unincorporated community in Henderson County.

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Welcome to the beautiful Henderson County, North Carolina, where lush farmlands stretch as far as the eye can see. However, this idyllic agricultural landscape is not immune to the challenges posed by extreme weather conditions. As temperatures soar and heat waves become more frequent due to global warming, farmers in Henderson County must employ creative and engaging strategies to safeguard their precious cash crops. Keep reading below for some tips!

Crop rotation is an important practice in agriculture that involves planting different crops in the same field in sequential growing seasons. By rotating crops, farmers can improve soil health, reduce pest and disease pressure, and increase yields. Let's dive in and explore why you should rotate crops and how to implement them on your farm, and how this practice can improve productivity, soil, and plant health and wellness.

If you have farmland that seems to be going to waste or is unable to grow much more than anything native, it's a good idea to consider making that area of farmland a pollinator haven rich with native plants and attractive to pollinators.

Without pollinators, much of our crops and other plants we rely on for just about everything would cease to exist. By creating a space for pollinators, you can make a positive impact not only on your own crops but also on the planet at large. Hendersonville, NC is a "Bee City" after all!

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Henderson County places priority on agriculture and agricultural business, as they are one of the country's largest hubs of agriculture. For this reason, new grants are becoming available for farmers and landowners. 

County governments and nonprofit groups may now apply for funding assistance from N.C. Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund for farmland preservation projects. Applicants have until Dec. 19 to apply. To learn more about this program, click here.

August marks the beginning of apple season, and there are few things as key to the economy in Hendersonville than its apples and agriculture.

Many local farms offer U-Pick activities, which can be a great time to get out and explore the beauty of Western North Carolina in a more “hands on” kind of way.

Hendersonville also has an annual Apple Festival which brings a lot of folks to the area for a fun event in September. The Apple Festival will be from September 2-5 this year!

Many apple orchards open their doors August 1st for a season of apple picking and other fall activities. Although it’s still a little early for the mountains to be set ablaze with the bright hues of fall, there is still plenty to do in between the summer and fall seasons, and apple picking is a favorite past time for many.

Below are our recommendations for some of the best apple orchard this area has to offer! 

Stone Ashe Vineyards on Green Mountain Road in the Fruitland community was named the Best New Winery of 2022 and Marked Tree on Deep Gap Road finished fifth in a USA Today Readers' Choice poll that ended July 18!

The competition included many wineries across the nation, mostly from California, with our two humble vineyards representing NC agriculture. 

We couldn't have done this without your support and we are so grateful we have such an incredible neighbors standing up and supporting local agriculture! 

Agribusiness Henderson County is proud to announce that two of the area's incredible new wineries have been nominated for the prestigious USA Today Top 10 Best New Wineries List! Both wineries are currently holding the top spots, with Stone Ashe staying true at #2 and Marked Tree hovering at #3! Click here to cast your vote today!


The past several years have tested even the most resilient of folks. It's no surprise that as the pandemic raged on, many people began exploring a variety of hobbies—from learning how to play an instrument, backyard poultry keeping and gardening. When people had more time to themselves, they found themselves getting heavily invested in many domestic hobbies that could be done from home. Some started business, and others were growing their own food.

As prices rise at record levels, as well increased concerns over supply-chain issues that are affecting what you find in your local grocery store, it's no doubt that people are beginning to branch out into sustainability, hobby farming and gardening. To learn more about starting a garden, click here!